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Nichole Sullivan is a native of Baltimore where she lives with her husband, two of their four daughters and Chrystal the Cat.  A graduate of University of Maryland Baltimore County with a degree in Business Technology Administration, Nichole enjoyed a career in Corporate America spanning two decades, with creative side projects always in the works.  With love of creating home decor, gifts and a variety of crafts, Nichole focused on increasing her competency with both wood working and graphic design to take her hobby to the next level.  Nichole made the transition to opening Keppel & Kismet Creative Workshop in the fall of 2019.  Her husband, Pete, is now the wood cutting department of Keppel & Kismet and head cheerleader of Nichole.   When not creating something for the Keppel & Kismet, she can be found exploring new coffee creations, reading (mostly fiction) or recruiting her husband to tackle a home project.  
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